Kettlebell Workouts For Beginners

Thinking of starting using kettlebells for exercise? Here you will find kettlebell workouts for beginners to get you started. Do not hesitate – just get going! Kettlebell workouts are great for the whole body and you can work your muscles, boost endurance and get ripped without even going to the local fitness centre. All these kettlebell workouts for beginners can be done at home or in your garden.

kettlebell workouts for beginners - get in shape and gain muscleAs a kettlebell beginner we urge you to find a trainer or a friend who is already using kettlebell as training tool who can teach you the basic kettlebell tips and tricks. Beside it is more fun to workout with friends and therefore easier to manage yourself to actually do the training.

Before you start the kettlebell workout routine you need to find a kettlebell. Guidance to the correct weight is difficult so visit your localkettlebell workout is all colorful store and try some different weights to get the right one for you. Women tend to choose kettlebells between 8-16kg while men are between 16-32kg but as a kettlebell beginner you probably should begin with less than that – it is better to have a one at 6kg and do the exercises correct than one at 10kg and do them wrong. So take your time to find the right kettlebell.

Naturally your current fitness level will affect the number of repetitions and sets as well as the workout intensity. We recommend in general that you aim for 10-25 repetitions and between 3-5 sets per kettlebell workout training session. Do not get frustrated if you cannot do this the first time – HANG IN, YOU WILL GET THERE! And remember that it is more important to do the workouts correct than having a heavier kettlebell.

Now, let’s get started with some kettlebell workouts for beginners. You find the exercises below. You can also be inspired by kettlebell workouts for women or kettlebell workouts for men. But go easy in the beginning and when you are familiar with the kettlebell routines you can try some more demanding kettlebell exercises and put on some more weight.

Best Kettlebell Workouts For Beginners

Kettlebell Dead Lift (level: beginner)
Works glutes, legs
Stand with feet hip distance apart and place the kettlebell on the ground between your feet. While keeping your back flat, bent your knees to squat down and take a two-hand grip on the kettlebell. Push up while keeping extended arms. Do 7-12 repetitions.

Kettlebell Front Squat (level: beginner)
Stand with feet hip distance apart and two hands grip on the kettlebell in front of your chest close to your body and elbows bent. Push your hips back and bend your knees until a 90 degrees angle while keeping your chest up and a straight back. Return to standing position by pressing down into your heels and do 7-12 repetitions.

Kettlebell Swing
Stand with feet shoulder distance apart and a two-hand grip on the kettlebell handle. Bent your need and squat down until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground. Swing the kettlebell up in front of you to shoulder height and as the kettlebell come back down you bent your knees to squat and swing it back between your legs before returning to starting position. Do 7-12 repetitions.

Kettlebell Swing (level: beginner)
Works glutes, hamstrings, back
Stand with feet hips distance apart and toes pointing out. Lean a bit forward and squat slightly down as you hold the kettlebell between your legs. Straighten your legs with an explosion as you press into your feet, swing the kettlebell up in front of your chest to about shoulder height.

Kettlebell Bent Row (level: beginner)
Works lats, triceps
Stand with slightly bent knees and bend forward until your torso is almost parallel with the ground. The kettlebell are in your right hand and the right arm hanging by your side. Pull up the kettlebell to the side of your chest – keep your elbow close to the side. Take a short pause before lower the kettlebell back down. Do 7-12 repetitions before doing the left arm.

Kettlebell Around The Body Pass (level: beginner)
Works abs, oblique
Stand with your feet hip distance apart and take a two-hand grip on the kettlebell that are in front of you (one hand on each side of the kettlebell handle). Release the kettlebell into your right hand and move both hands behind your back where the left hand takes over and bring it back to the front. Try to move the hips as little as possible. Do 7-12 repetitions and then change direction.

Kettlebell Figure 8 (level: beginner)
Stand with feet hip distance apart, straight back and knees slightly bent (almost a squat position). The kettlebell is to be hold behind your right leg and with an arm on each side of your leg. You grab the kettlebell with your right hand and swing it in front of your right leg, between your legs, and behind your left leg. Now go back by grapping it with your left hand and swing it in front of your left leg, between your legs, and behind your right leg. Try to make it fluid and do 7-12 repetitions.

Kettlebell Half Get-up (level: beginner)
Lie with straight legs on the ground and your face up while holding the kettlebell in your right hand and arm straight over your shoulder. Now bent left knee and place foot on the ground and place yourself up on your left arm. Sit up until your back is straight while keeping the weight directly over your shoulder at all time. Return slowly to starting position. Do 5-10 repetitions before changing hand.

Kettlebell Windmill (level: beginner)
Works oblique
Try this without the kettlebell until you know the routine. Stand with feet hip distance apart holding the kettlebell in your right hand. Lift it to your right shoulder before pressing it overhead to the arm is extended (palm facing up and in line with your right hip). Now rotate your chest to the right – look up as you reach for your left foot with your left hand. Pause shortly with the kettlebell overhead and a hand on the foot before returning to starting position – but keep the left arm extended. Repeat 4-10 times before changing side.

Orbit (level: beginner)
Stand with feet hip distance apart and arms extended slightly to the side while holding the kettlebell in your left hand (at a corner of the handle). Swing the kettlebell behind you and let the right hand take over the kettlebell behind your back. Now swing back in front and let the left hand take over in front of you. Try to keep a fluid swing throughout. Do 7-12 repetitions before reversing.

Kettlebell Halo (level: beginner)
Works abs, shoulders
Stand with a two-hand grip and hold it up to your chest. Now press the kettlebell up and over to your left side till your arms are extended (approx. above your left ear). Gently move the kettlebell towards your right ear (behind your head). Take the kettlebell back to the starting position in front of your chest before your reverse the movement – that is first to the right ear, then behind your hear to the left ear. Return to the starting position and do 7-12 repetitions.

You can find more inspiration with kettlebell workouts for women and kettlebell workouts for men. But remember to start up slowly and get to know the different workouts before doing to many or choosing a heavier kettlebell. Do not hurt yourself in the process of advancing to fast!